Architecture and architecture-related. Form in rem booklet for Citygroup - (info), Confronting Carbon Form library for Outside Development - - (info), Midtown studio, Work with LTA, UWS studio, Ongoing anonymous consultation project; Kaneji Domoto projects for and with L. Widder: Domoto Lurie House renovation -, CfA AIA NY show and reading room facsimiles - and Five Usonia Homes booklet -, GA Tech Stubbins show -, SUNY Purchase Maas show, Domoto Silson house roof; Kaneji Domoto archive (acquired by UCB, info), San Remo 5FL-unit renovation (info), Forest House in Taiki, Hokkaido -, etc. Old: Booklet Library at Shibaura House -, RISD Architecture SOS Florence - - (info).

Also. B.

Critical miscellany from years past.  Cake I -, II -, III -, IV.  Calendar -.  Glass hangers for someone's CdG collection -.  Re: - (in Junk Jet n°6).  Stretch Eames (LOL) -.  On Kawara stamp kit -.  Hints & Incidentals .  Tourist Objects - for Y'All & Us.  License plate -.  Name (etaletc / ET AL., ETC.), 2006—.

New York

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Architecture consultation, drafting
Critical miscellany